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Bet You Never Expected Friendship to Look Like Us

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When All Else Fails: A tablet for my sister


My sis a great artist, better than me in many ways but after her previous tablet died almost a year ago her production has slowed and been i a state of stagnation and I want to see her back on track.

I’m probably just having some kind of fever pitch dream thingy if I ever thought this was going…

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The Derpibooru reaction

((OOC: So this thing happened, where in which I got a highly negative response to my height chart on Derpibooru.

I was upset, sad, unhappy, depressed.

Many assume this was becaue I havea thin skin, that I can’t take it.

This would be a false assumption. There have been many other occasions where reactions like this have happened. On Deviantart, Derpibooru, Ponibooru, the sexist, sizeist, racist comments as far as the eye can see. But I laughed.

I always laughed at them, I never took them to heart, I was alwasy “Pfft, nitwits”.

I was in a darker place of mind with this one for many reasons, because I was getting tired.

I am not a digital artist, never have been, never taken a class on it or anything, I work in pencils and pens, i don’t even own a tablet, never could get the hang of the things, too distant. Pointing and clicking i nsai is easier anyway. But I always knew that if anyone was going to give any sort of comment or critique in anything I did, I owuld have no choice but to colour them digitally becuase no one notices anything you do unless you do digital art. It’s the nature of the beast, it’s certainly the nature of Sethisto.

So these things take a long long time. In the time it takes me to digitally ink and color these things, half of an entire day goes by and I’ve watched entire half seasons or seasons of cartoons and TV series. This Height Chart was no exception, I work hard and I work for a very very long time. My eyes hurt and I’m tired of staring at a computer screen working on one task.

So when I posted this I snapped. The downvotes are unrealistically enormous. There are far worse artists or less detaield artists than me out there who get free passes because the characters look like prettied up busty skin pale anime dolls. Or because they don’t do humanizations because I admittedly am not good at drawing animals, that’s why I decided to do a humanization specialization.

There are many legitimate criticisms in there which, of course, I will take to heart and use to improve my next works, I mean why would I post anything on the internet and then proceed to ignore good and proper critique? It’s illogical.

It’s the hate that really grinds my gears, and the quality disparity among this and other works. So of course I’m angry, but I’m simmering, and dealing with it, life goes on, the internet is stupid, etc, etc, whatever.

But I’m considering a soft reboot. I mean Fluttershy is obviously way too tall, and when you’re a cartoonist exaggeration is always easier than moderation, among other things. So yeah, some things will be taken into consideration. In the meanwhile I have my “Interrogate Navy Sketch” pony blog so  I can develop my ability to draw fictional multicolour equines.

For those that couldn’t be bothered to read all that:

I was tired and angry, I am not actually giving up and I am not really letting mean comments get to me, but I might to do a soft reboot and more pony stuff

So, we’ll chat.

-Mousa The 14))

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Ask Windswept: To all you pony blogs who will never be featured on EQD



because of your content, be it adult, risque, violent or otherwise outside their bounds, I want to let you know: you matter.

it is the nature of any sort of content delivery system, web or otherwise, to censor or omit content. they have to, otherwise they’d be meaningless. a pony archive that allowed absolutely everything through wouldn’t be much of a pony anything for very long. Its not a bad thing.

but it does cut a lot of us out of the picture, and when you’re trying to do a good job out here, and putting a lot into your work hoping that you can get it out to viewers who appreciate it, it can be a little disheartening to know that some of the largest meccas of our particular random will never touch you due to your content. its not anyones fault really, and it would be silly to get mad at anyone for setting limits on what they do and dont post or feature, but its a fact of the system, and one we have to live with.

So dont despair, ponyfolks of the questionable content variety. you’ve chosen to target a smaller audience, and that may mean you never reach the level of recognition some of the big cheerful, action-packed, popular crossover or generic askblogs get due to their ability to be noticed and posted on a variety of different venues with relative safety. But that doesnt make you unloved, and with any luck, those who do follow you will pass you around circles of similar minded people, and they’ll appreciate you all the more. You made your content choices for a reason. stick to that reason if it matters to you. if nothing else, youll know you did right by you, and since we certainly cant please the whole interwebs, thats about as much as anyone can hope for.

((OOC: As a SFW blog this does’t apply to me but as a humanization blog it applies to me anyway and if it was supposed to make me feel better well it does a sucky job of it.))

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